Little One snack "Vegetable mix"

The Little One Vegetable Mix treat is a nutritious and tasty addition to the diet of rodents and rabbits. The mix, which consists of five types of dried vegetables, can help to vary the animals’ diet and provide them with vitamins and other nutrients.
  • dried carrot
  • dried parsnip
  • dried rowanberry
  • dried zucchini
  • dried pumpkin
  • protein - 12%
  • fats - 2,3%
  • fibre - 22%
  • ash - 6,2%    
  • Offer as a snack or as a complementary food for rodents. 
  • Daily norm: feed 2-3 teaspoons daily, depending on the pet’s size.
  • Pro degu: up to 4 teaspoons of snack per week.

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