Little One snack "Vitamin C"

Guinea pigs, chinchillas and other pets have a special need for vitamin C. Guinea pigs cannot synthesize the vitamin on their own, so they have to get in it sufficient quantities from their diet. Little One Vitamin C is a mix of berries, fruit, and vegetables with the maximum vitamin C content.
  • dried rosehip
  • currant berries
  • sweet red pepper
  • orange peels
  • kiwi
  • protein  –  4,3%
  • fats – 1,8%
  • fibre – 20,1% 
  • ash – 3,6%    
  • Offer as a snack or as a complementary food for rodents. 
  • Daily norm: feed 1-2 teaspoons daily, depending on the pet’s size. 
  • Per degu: up to 3 teaspoons of snack per week.

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