Little One treat-toy Vegetable duo

Little One “Vegetable duo”, two edible baskets made from the home grown parsley and filled with dried beets and carrots. Vegetables are processed by means of high-tech drying method, thus preserving the original flavor and all nutrients. These baskets are not just a toy, but also a source of vitamins, minerals and fibre required for proper digestion of rodents and rabbits. Delicious combination of herbs and vegetables provides the optimal balance of nutrients. The basket is hard enough to serve as a dental care tool for rodents and rabbits.
  • parsley
  • dried beetroot
  • dried carrot
  • red millet
  • wheat
  • protein — min. 10%
  • fats — max. 2%
  • fibre — max. 11%
  • Offer the duet as a complementary feed for rodents. 
  • Refill the baskets as often as you like.

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