Little One. Vegetable Pizza

Pizza is one of the most delicious Italian dishes, popular all over the world. Little One Vegetable Pizza is designed specially for decorative pets. A 100% grain free recipe without added sugars, preservatives and colorants makes this treat-toy to a perfect healthy, species-appropriate snack for your herbivorous pet. 

The pizza is made of fragrant meadow grasses grown in open ground under the sun. The delicious and natural vegetable topping contains dried zucchini, tomatoes and red pepper along with aromatic marigold petals. These ingredients make the pizza a true delight for your pet and serve as a source of vitamins and other nutrients. The pizza-shape is very handy for nibbling, which helps rodents and rabbits to wear down their continuously growing teeth. Indulge your pet with a tasty, freshly-baked pizza!

  • meadow grass
  • derivatives of vegetable origin
  • dried vegetables (tomato, parsnips, zucchini, sweet pepper)
  • marigold petals
  • protein - 9%
  • fat - 2%
  • ash - 8%
  • fibre - 15%
  • Offer the pizza as a complementary food for rodents and rabbits.

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