RIO. Biscuits with wild berries for all types of birds

Complementary food for pet birds. RIO Biscuits are tasty and nutritious addition to daily ration of all types of birds. Made of whole eggs and cereals biscuits are especially useful during moulting and breeding periods. Wild berries contained in biscuits help to make the feeding of your birds more diverse.
  • cereals
  • eggs and egg products (30%)
  • sugars (including honey)
  • dried berries (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry) - 1%
  • bakery products
  • proteins — 11%
  • fat — 4%
  • fiber — 0,3%
  • ash — 0,95%
  • preservatives
  • colorants
  • Offer biscuits as a complementary food.
  • Attach the biscuit inside the cage with a holder or put it into the feeder.
  • For feeding young birds crush the biscuit into small pieces and add to the daily ration.
  • Depending on the size of a bird offer 1-3 biscuits per week.

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