RIO for canaries. Moulting period

RIO feed for canaries. Moulting Period is a specially selected seed mixture developed for the bird’s needs during moult. Increased protein and fats content ensure the moult process is faster and less painful.
  • canary seed
  • yellow millet
  • red millet
  • rape seed
  • peeled oat
  • linseed
  • Niger seed
  • sesame seed
  • algae
  • calcium gluconate
  • protein — min. 16%
  • fat — min. 10%
  • fiber — max. 10%
  • ash — max. 6%
  • calcium — min. 0,8%
  • phosphorus — min. 0,4%
  • iodine — min. 10 mg/kg
  • The daily norm of RIO feed for canaries is 5-10 g.
  • Make sure that the bird has enough feed and fresh water.
  • Please Note: After moulting period it is necessary to change the feeding ration (use RIO feed for canaries. Daily ration).
  • Store in a dry cool place.
  • Please Note: Apart from the main feed birds need a balance of sand and minerals constantly (use RIO grit/mineral mixture for all kinds of birds).

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