New in the line of feed "Green Valley": food for degus

28 april 2018

The line of grainless feed Little One "Green Valley" has been very popular with owners of herbivorous rodents and rabbits for several years. We decided to expand the range, so our specialists beeind in contact with the breeders created food for degus. This feed for degus can be used as the main food for pet or as an alternative to hay.

"Green Valley" – is a feed, which includes 60 varieties of herbs. Manufactured with the help of a special cold pressing technology, the food retained all the vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that make up the plant. This new food for degus includes such interesting and favorite ingredients as hibiscus, red clover flowers and dried parsnips. The feed contains natural prebiotics that help digestion, a yeast extract rich in B vitamins, positively affects the immune system, and a yucca extract that prevents the formation of an unpleasant odor when the animal is kept.

Food is produced in packs of 750 g and 20 kg. More information about the feed you can find on the page in the catalog.