Interview with the hamster in Pets International Magazine

15 December 2015
One of the trustworthiest magazines of zoo industry has published extraordinary article about Mealberry. The Pets International magazine has 7 issues per year and the article is published in the issue dedicated to GlobalPets Forum. In that article you can find an interview with the cutest Mealberry employee – hamster Pippa. Pippa lives in a German office and she is beloved by everyone. She even has her own Instagram account.

The hamster knows a lot about zoo industry and tells readers about company’s philosophy, production features and products. Pippa narrates also about tasting new products and dreams that every pet could have cozy home, tasty and high quality food and loving owners.

Pippa’s colleagues will participate in Global Pets Forum exhibition with Little One and RIO products on January 20-21 in Nice, France.