Little One feeds for sugar gliders

27 May 2024
An exciting addition to the Little One Feed range – a balanced diet for sugar gliders consisting of 2 types of feed. These novelties were developed by popular demand of owners and breeders from all over the world .

The Little One Complete feed for sugar gliders is a balanced feed that was designed considering all the biological and nutritional needs of sugar gliders. The feed contains a large amount of fruit and dried insects as a great source of protein. The recipe is enriched with a vitamin and mineral complex that provides the right balance of calcium and phosphorus, which is important to maintain the health of their bones and joints.

The Little One Instant feed for sugar gliders was developed by keeping the diet of sugar gliders in their natural habitat in mind. The feed's varied composition contains the sugar gliders‘ favourite ingredients: honey, fruits and locust bean gum. The special instant formula keeps the pets water balance and ensures dietary diversity.