New from RIO: Vitamin & Mineral Pellets

17 March 2020
RIO Vitamin & mineral pellets - a balanced complex of 11 vitamins and 7 minerals - a special feeding supplement that provides birds with an essential vitamins, micro, macroelements needed for balanced diet and health. 
 RIO offers two types of pellets for birds of various sizes:

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When used on a daily basis, the complex eliminates the symptoms and adverse effects of an unbalanced diet. 
A daily consumption of Vitamin & Mineral Pellets will help to: 
  • improve the plumage condition
  • strengthen the bones and beak
  • preserve visual acuity 
  • improve the overall health condition
  • protect the immune system
  • reduce excessive moulting 

 Learn more about the new product in our catalogue: RIO Vitamins and Supplements