New RIO snacks: Sticks for Parrots

30 August 2019
We are glad to announce that the assortment of the Sticks for Parrots has been updated and extended: 
  • for the convenience of large parrots, the size of the sticks was increased; 
  • he weight of each stick is 90 g, there are two sticks in a package. 
Updated assortment: 

RIO sticks contain only natural ingredients, selected based on the individual preferences of different birds’ types. Innovative six-time baking technology allows to preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients.
We purchase ingredients all over the world, it enables us to ensure the high quality of all our products. Now RIO line of sticks includes 9 products for various bird types that can easily meet the requirements of the most demanding pets. 

The vibrant packaging of RIO sticks is easy to spot on the shelf thanks to its modern design with easy navigation. Infographics on the packaging will highlight the benefits of the product, and color labels will help you choose a stick with a favorite taste. 

RIO – for energetic, colourful and bright pets!

RIO Sticks for parrots