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Special. Varied. Grain-free.

Fresh succulent grasses, a variety of herbs and the energy of the sun! We have put the power of Alpine plants and the diversity of nature in our Little One "Green Valley" products and combined them with modern technologies. That’s how we give pets special care, taking into account all the special needs and individual preferences of herbivores.

More than 60 different meadow grasses, a variety of herbs, petals of wild and garden flowers, healthy vegetables, different fruit and berries are the basis of our dietary grain free products. For their production we use a gentle cold pressing technology that allows to preserve all beneficial vitamins and minerals contained in the plants.

The Little One “Green Valley” assortment includes complete feeds and treats that are perfect for herbivorous pets that have special dietary needs or suffer from excess weight as well as for pet parents who prefer a grain free feeding concept. 

The best of nature, the latest technologies and extensive experience form the unique combination which inspires "Green Valley" and its continued development.