Company Info


The company history begins in 1989 and today, Mealberry is a dynamic, fast growing producer that develops and manufactures high quality pet products in Germany, Treuen.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them to email or to phone
+49 (0) 37468 6777-0.


In order to guarantee the highest quality and service for our customers, at a reasonable price, we adhere to a company philosophy based on four strategic pillars:
  • Strict quality control.     
  • Ongoing communication and strong relations with our customers.
  • Continuous product improvement and innovation.
  • Implementation of latest production technology.


Our diverse range of more than 170 products includes:
  • RIO – food, special diet products, treat - toys, vitamin-mineral supplements for pet birds as well as products for feeding birds in the wild.
  • Little One – food, special diet products, treat - toys, care products for small mammals.


Bird and rodent owners trust the quality and reliability of our brands, confirmed by the rapidly growing demand for Mealberry products. 
We value this reputation and are passionate in our aim of continuing to develop and manufacture the highest quality pet food on the market.
Food loved by pets and trusted by owners.