Meet our latest novelty – Little One "Tasty maze" tunnel (medium)

06 March 2023
This fully edible treat-toy will help to create fun adventures. It is made from different types of puffed grains, flaked ingredients, and various other components. This tunnel is ideal for rats and guinea pigs but will also appeal to other species of omnivorous decorative animals. 

The tunnel has lots of delicious and crunchy ingredients. The rich composition of the treat-toy will diversify and enrich the pet's diet. 

This treat-toy is a great place to play and sleep in. The tunnel will also give pets the feeling of being in their natural habitat. 

Little One tunnels are now available in 3 sizes, each of them designed considering the sizes of the different types of decorative animals. Each tunnel has its own unique recipe, which will help to diversify and enrich the daily diet.