Meet the new Little One “Tasty maze” Tunnel, big size!

26 August 2022
Little One “Tasty maze” Tunnel, big is a delicious treat-toy for rabbits, guinea pigs and other herbivores. A new taste of Tunnel is 100% grain free, fully edible and includes the pieces of varied tasty fruits and vegetables (parsnip, zucchini, pea flakes, apple, and others). 

This tunnel will bring your pet a lot of joy and keep it occupied for a long time. The convenient rectangular form makes this play-tunnel ideal for adventures inside and out: gnawing, peeping out and crawling through. Moreover, it can be a cozy place to rest and sleep in. The big tunnel gives the pet the feeling of being in its natural habitat, it supports instinctual hiding behaviour, while fruits and vegetables enrich the diet with vitamins and minerals. The new treat-toy Little One “Tasty maze” Tunnel, big size will help herbivore pet parents to express their love and care. 

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