New format of RIO and Little One bags

22 February 2019
We are pleased to announce the changes in RIO and Little One packaging: the weight of bags has been reduced besides the design and material they’re made of have been improved. 

Bags’ weight reduction will help to ensure pets get more fresh feed and also aimed to increase the convenience of RIO and Little One bags use. All RIO feeds in big packs is now available in bags weighting 20 kg, Little One feeds – 20 kg and 25 kg depending on the pet kind, Little One Green Valley feeds – 15 kg.

In addition, the design of the bags has been changed as a part of the scale projects of RIO and Little One rebranding. New designs created in accordance to new brand identities and became brighter and more emotional.

All bags of 20 kg and 15 kg within each brand assortment have the same design and will be labeled with two stickers with product name and technical information. Bags material has been improved and changed to polypropylene which provides higher protective properties for transportation and storage.