New! Natural treats from RIO

21 December 2020
We are delighted to announce the expansion of the RIO Natural Treats range and present you 4 new products.


For small birds, including budgies, canaries, exotic and wild birds:
  • RIO Healthy seeds for well-being and proper digestion
  • RIO Wild seeds for vitality and diet variety
  • RIO Songbird mix for singing and energy 
For Parrots and Parakeets:
  • RIO Fruit and Nuts for extra energy and diet diversity 
These snacks will help to vary the birds’ daily diet and encourage their natural behavior. 
The new RIO range of natural treats makes the feeding time more exciting! 
It gives you more options to indulge your feathered pet and brings joyful
moments to the bird’s life. 
All new treats come in convenient packaging: a jar with a screw cap.

To learn more about RIO Natural treats click here