New treat-toys for rodents and rabbits in Little One assortment

11 April 2019
We are pleased to announce new treat-toys in Little One assortment: sticks and bowls, which are intended both to entertain pets and to enrich their diet. 
New sticks and bowls are made of fragrant meadow grasses, which are the perfect source of fiber required for proper digestion and dental care of rodents and rabbits. 
Sticks are covered with on the three delicious toppings: marigold flowers, carrot or mallow flowers. Due to its shape the stick will attract pet and help to wear down its constantly growing teeth while the topping ingredients will help to enrich the diet with vitamins and minerals. 

Tasty Bowls are amusing toys and filled with one of the six tasty and beneficial ingredients: parsnip, zucchini, apple, pumpkin, carrot or rosebuds. Each of these fillings is rich in nutrients and surely will not leave pets indifferent besides bowl’s shape will entertain rodents and rabbits for a long time.

Find out more about new Little One Sticks and Tasty Bowls in the product catalogue.