New RIO products – great source of minerals for birds!

05 April 2023
Minerals are very important elements for the proper functioning of the birds’ body. 
They are essential for a strong immunity formation, maintaining healthy bones and beaks, as well as a proper metabolism support.

The ensure the well-being of pet birds it is important to offer vitamin and mineral supplements alongside the daily feed, this helps to prevent a lack or excess of vitamins and minerals in the birds’ body. 
To help you to provide the quality care and nutrition your feathered friend deserves, we have launched new RIO products that are beneficial for all types of birds.

RIO Mineral stick for all types of birds - is a new innovative way to offer vital minerals to pet birds, conveniently in form of a stick. The RIO Mineral stick is a great source of calcium and other mineral substances, which help to maintain healthy bones and beaks, to support the water-salt balance in the birds’ body, and to ensure a proper functioning of the birds’ digestive tract. 

Due to the multi-component structure, the stick will keep the bird busy and serves as a source of minerals for a long time. The firm texture of the stick will help the bird to groom and polish its’ ever-growing beak.  This product contains a convenient build-in holder for all types of cages.

RIO Sepia shell or cuttlefish bone is the cleaned, desalinated and dried oval-shaped internal shell of a cuttlefish. It consists of more than 85% of easily absorbable calcium in its natural bioavailable form. Sepia shell is an essential supplement for all types of pet birds: it contains calcium and other mineral substances, which aid the strengthening of the birds’ beak, bones and plumage, it also increases the eggshells’ density. 

The RIO Sepia shell is available in two sizes – for each type of bird you can choose the most appropriate size. The medium-sized Sepia shell (M) is perfect for budgies, parakeets, canaries and other small birds. The extra-large sized Sepia shell (XL) is most suitable for parakeets, parrots and if there are a number of birds sharing a cage. 

As a production company we constantly work on the product range improvement to find the best solutions for pets and their owners. 
The new RIO products were developed in accordance with the world's leading research and up-to-date trends in pet birds’ nutrition and care.

We are sure that the RIO novelties will be highly appreciated by all feathered pets and help you to take care of their health and well-being!

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