Welcome your new pet at home!

02 September 2022
The moving in of a new pet at home is a joyful and exciting event for every owner. Small mammals and birds become family members as well as partners for fun and adventures. They also help children to develop character traits such as responsibility and caring. 

To make the process of getting a hamster or a budgie easier and more comfortable, we have launched 2 starter sets that include everything you need for the decorative animals’ first days in its new loving home. 

Each starter set includes a carrier, a feed and tasty snacks for the new pet’s balanced diet during their first weeks at their new homes. The colourful carrier is made of thick three-layer corrugated cardboard for increased safety. It has a lot of ventilation holes to let plenty of oxygen in, as well as a flat bottom to prevent any injury. 

You can find out more about our new products in the catalog on our website: