New treats from RIO and Little One

16 December 2014

Mealberry presents you the new products — Biscuits RIO and Biscuits Little One.

Biscuits are tasty and healthy addition to daily ration of a pet animal.

RIO products line included two kinds of biscuits: biscuits with wild berries and biscuits with healthy seeds. Made of whole eggs and cereals, biscuits are especially useful during moulting and breeding periods. Healthy seeds and wild berries contained in biscuits help to make the feeding of pet birds more diverse.

Little One biscuits with carrot is a good additional food for hamsters, rats, mice and gerbils. Biscuits are the popular treat for omnivorous rodents. They help to make the diet of small friends more diverse. Also biscuits can be used for grinding teeth of rodents.

Every package contains 5 tasty biscuits in individual paper cases. Biscuits are packed into the hermetic sealed package and external carton box.